About Me

One day there were two spotty bears, and they lived very happily together. One day they had some fabulous news: they were going to have a Spotty Baby Bear all of their own. A few months later the two spotty bears became Spotty Mummy Bear and Spotty Daddy Bear, because a beautiful and happy little Spotty Son Bear had arrived.

Now, to cut a long story short, Spotty Daddy Bear works as a software developer, project manager and product manager. His mother is a teacher and when he was a Spotty Child Bear he helped her to run maths clubs at primary schools. To help get the children interested in maths, he wrote some simple computer games involving maths. Each game came with a score board. The children loved playing the games, and they loved earning points on the score board.

Now, years later, Spotty Daddy Bear wants to write fun apps and games that would educate both Spotty Son Bear and other children. This website is the result.

The man behind Spotty Daddy Bear

My real name is Marryat Stevens. I have been teaching and programming for as long as I can remember. As a schoolboy I used to help at a primary school one day a week, but have also done some private tuition and helped my mother (who is a full time teacher) as a classroom assistant from time to time (mainly in gaps during my academic career).

I have been a keen Bridge player since I was six. I helped at an annual weekend where we taught 6-18 year olds to play bridge for fifteen years, and have also run bridge clubs at my old place of work, a local secondary school and the University of Oxford. At all of these I was responsible for teaching, and developed my own syllabus and style of teaching Bridge that I can tailor to suit the people that I am teaching – what and how they are interested in learning.

As you can tell, I am passionate about teaching and education. I want to use my programming experience to develop exciting ways to educate children that they will find both fun and engaging. I would of course welcome your suggestions. I can be contacted via email or on twitter, and look forward to launching many new apps and games for you all in the future.