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Baby Shape is an iPad app to improve babies' and toddlers' motor abilities, while stimulating them and giving them great enjoyment.

Shapes appear on the screen, and when tapped with precision will burst apart and vanish, accompanied by sound effects that will encourage your child to tap on more shapes.

The app is also suitable for new-born children: it can be set to have a large black-and-white shape in the centre of the screen (new-born children prefer pictures with high contrast and are therefore more interested in black and white shapes) which responds to a touch anywhere on the screen. For young toddlers, you can set how fast you want the randomly coloured shapes to move around the screen.

When I first tested this app on Spotty Son Bear, aged 14 months, he played it for 15 minutes straight. Within days he was mimicking the sounds that were in the app.


  • Single or multi-shape mode
  • Set the speed the shapes move around the screen
  • Change from random colours to black and white
  • Interesting and exciting sound affects
  • Highly polished and stable
  • Distracts and entertains your child whilst teaching them (and giving you a chance to get things done!)