Magic Fingers and Spotty Baby Boy Bear

Magic fingers is an app that allows you to create pretty patterns by touching the screens.

Magic Fingers LogoMagic Fingers is an app that allows you to create your own fun and creative designs by simply using your finger tips.  You can pick a number of different patterns, and then as you touch the screen, the particles animate over the screen driven by where you tap or drag. The down side is that the selection is slightly too difficult for Spotty Baby Boy Bear to do at 15 months old, so we often have to do that for him. He loves using the app, although I think one of the main selling points is the music and sound affects that go with it. Spotty Baby Boy Bear is always a big fan of anything that makes noices, be that apps, toys or silly sound effects that Spotty Mummy and Daddy Bears come up with (or their friends for that matter).

Spotty Baby Boy Bear does tend to get quite excited so tends to scrabble away on the screen with two hands which can lead him to opening various menu options, and getting a little confused, when the particles stop appearing. The lite addition has a banner of adverts across the bottom which he constantly hits, so the fully paid version at £1.49 (at the time of writing) is definitely good value. 

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