Peekaboo Farm and Spotty Baby Son Bear

Spotty Granny Bear plays a number of apps with Spotty Baby Boy Bear. One of these was Peekaboo Farm, and I was impressed how good it was.

Peekaboo BarnFor a while Spotty Baby Boy Bear has been mimicing animals, often in public when we are pushing him around in his push chair. It is always funny, when we are walking through the shopping center and he starts mooing like a cow, or miaowing like a cat. Spotty Baby Boy Bear had come back from a week's holiday with Spotty Granny Bear, knowing all of these animal noises, and even responding to sentences like "What noise does a dog make" by making the correct noise excitedely.

I had idly wondered how Spotty Granny Bear had taught him all of the animals and noises so quickly, but was shown the answer next time she came to visit, and Spotty Granny Bear and Spotty Baby Boy Bear started playing together on her iPad mini, and starting playing on Peekaboo Barn. Not only was the Spotty Baby Boy Bear finding the correct button to start playing (not something I would have immediately assumed he could do), he was enthusiastically mimicing the sounds that each animal made just before they appeared.

Peekaboo barn consists of a barn with big doors on the front. When you tap on the doors, you can hear the sound of a animal that is behind the door. When the door opens you can see the animal that was making the noise. A simple idea that has been executed very well, and is very engaging for Spotty Baby Boy Bear. He played it on and off all morning, and I was amazed how much he enjoyed coming back to it again and agian.

Obviously a great find, and a great success, and I would stronly recommend it.

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